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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  March 16, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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we will tell you about the ipad going on sale >> we have more rain coming aren't down around the bay and there's plenty more to come. >> so far traffic is nice and light at the bay bridge. coming up will take a full look at the friday morning commute >> what did she say? it's friday. >> it is 430 in the morning and i have no idea what is happening >> good to have you with us >> and it is friday and we're very excited. want to start with seriousness, investigators will be in the hills east of napa today trying to find out what set a house on fire. and it took more than an hour and a half to put the fire out. the only person in the home did manage to get out safely. firefighters had to keep their distance because of a downed
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power lines and ammunition exploding. the santa cruz boardwalk will stay open this weekend despite a rise in water we have seen from the san lorenzo river >> all of the heavy rain caused the river to bump up against the retaining wall. ruined a staircase and caused thousands of dollars of damage. >> we are keeping a close eye on the weather because we have a lot of rain and more is coming >> we do have more rain coming into the bay area. some showers already outside and things we picking up throughout the day. we have scattered showers, a lot of drizzle. a lot of low-level moisture ahead of this cold front. in the north bay is beginning to enter the bay area. a very wet on and off
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throughout the day. we will likely see some gusty wind coming along with this one. it will be very wet into the afternoon hours as well. behind that we have a chance of some thunderstorms. temperatures in the fifties at this hour with a light drizzle. by the afternoon, '50s and '60s but it will get wetter as we go of the day. we finally catch a break on tuesday. time for traffic. >> so far we do not have any major accidents out there. the roads are still a little slippery but we have not seen any wind advisories so far. it seems like driving conditions are a little better today than the past few days. a 15 minute commute between 238 and the macarthur maze. all the major drive times for the east bay are still in the
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green. coming up, a check with mass transit >> it is something that is burning up the market, the new ipad >> it officially went on sale today. apple employees in hong kong clapped as the doors open there. dozens of people were the very first to get their hands on the new gadget. hundreds of die-hard fans of all our flocking for the launch in tokyo. some of them even braved cold weather. >> there are lines that the flagship store in san francisco. have you seen any new owners? >> is sitting in the store window right there and i think some of those customers are blocking it. but it is in the apple flagship store on stockton street in downtown san francisco and there are about 50 people in line.
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the line started at about 930 last night. the line goes down the street, these people have been waiting for hours in the rain and the store will open at 8:00. long lines are likely. even though consumers could have ordered the new tablets ahead of time for a first day home delivery. here was the big announcement from apple, tim cook showing off the new ipad, the third version available in the u.s. beginning at 8:00 a.m. local time. it comes with a faster processor, a sharper screen and an improved camera. for a lot of customers, visiting the store in person gives them a chance to mental >> it is a worthy cause, technology made in america is pretty amazing. if you think about it, the
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analysis is like toyota is allegedly the best car in the world and probably is and apple most definitely as an american product, finely we have something better than the pain or the bomber plane. >> there will be a protest this morning. these sorts of events do not come without controversy, but that will be from a change dot work. they're protesting the conditions of some of the factory workers in china. any time we do a story like this everyone asks why we are doing a free commercial for apple so i have to pullout might android phone which is actually fine. just mentioning that. >> we hear that they are sold out with the first batch. the people waiting in line, have they already pre ordered or
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are they waiting in line so they can buy whatever allotment san francisco as? >> two people i spoke with did not pre order. they say they are last minute people which is why they are here >> thank you. >> nice commercial. apple fans in union city did not need to wait out in the cold for the new ipad because wal- mart said come on in and stay warm. they started selling the ipad at midnight last night. our friends at cnet stayed up late to snap these photos. some people are already tinkering with their ipad. cnet molly whip will be set to talk about the new ipad in the 6:00 hour >> we also have a slide show on our website in the photo gallery
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>> gilroy police say they're desperately trying to find a missing mother. investigators say they fear the 52 year-old woman might be critically injured or perhaps dead. they have evidence that her son attacked her and remove her from her own. a vigil was held last night. they say the 27 year-old cable cloutier is killed his little sister and took his own life. they say he blames her for leaving the family. police say they have been called to the apartment several times. >> they indicated he had recently returned from iraq and a suspected that he might have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.
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>> police say they worked with the veterans administration to give him some help. >> and the u.s. staff sergeant accused of killing 16 civilians in afghanistan has an attorney. brown spoke with his client's family members to say that the soldier saw his friend's leg blown off the day before the rampage and it was previously revealed that the soldier was on his fourth combat tore and suffered a brain injury during a roll over crashed during a previous injury, previous tore in iraq >> we have a soldier with an exemplary record, a decorated soldier who was injured in iraq, to his brain and body >> brown declined to release his client's name citing concerns for the man's family. brown may go to kuwait to visit
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his client next week. police are hoping that the public and help find to suspects in a brutal san francisco attack. here are photo supplied by the san francisco police. they say a word man. police say he may not fully recover. anyone with information is urged to call the department's criminal investigation unit. >> about a dozen people are due in alameda county court today in connection with the occupied cal protest in berkeley. chronicle reports some protesters claim they were arrested because they sought medical treatment after being injured by the police. uc police say they did not use information from the campus health center to identify the suspects. there is also a court hearing concerning pepper spray at uc- davis. the sacramento bee reports and alameda county judge issued a
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tentative ruling last night indicated he would allow the release of the report on the incident. >> uc-berkeley professors are firing back at some controversial decisions following a sex scandal. the want the university to fire dianne whitey. during her time she is accused of giving raises to an employee with whom she was having a sexual relationship. professors are not satisfied with her demotion and she is still being paid $175,000 per year. ed lee will announce his plans for the sheriff. yesterday groups were calling on the mayor to begin the process of removing a share from office after he pleaded guilty to a false imprisonment charges in connection with the domestic violence incident against his wife. he says he will not step down.
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>> bottom line is we feel it would be impossible for a san francisco sheriff to be overseeing programs and imposing domestic violence sentencing on inmates when he was convicted under similar circumstances. >> the mayor has the power to suspend a share which would lead to a hearing. the board of supervisors needs the approval of nine supervisors in order to remove him from office. coming up, uprooted trees, flooded roads >> the tornado that ripped apart southeast michigan >> a million-dollar home in the south bay, why it is being called a house of horrors >> how warmer weather is causing sharks to procreate at alarming rates, coming up.
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>> we are back now at 443. more than 100 homes are damaged or destroyed after a tornado hit
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part of michigan. the damage touched down a little bit north of and are ripon and university of michigan is. no reports of major injuries but there are reports of damage >> i walked out and saw that the parking garage was missing >> one deputy said he saw a hand sticking out from some of the rubble of one of the homes and people about an elderly man who was able to walk away. >> we have learned the victim in a deadly car accident in oakland was a freshman at uc- berkeley. police say that the 19 year-old crashed into a tree on highway 13 yesterday. the student and three passengers survived the initial crash but then they got out of the car when a pickup truck hit the tree and the driver. the rest of the passengers were not seriously hurt >> tenants are asking for more time to find somewhere else to
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live. they're living in what they call a house of horror in the san jose foothills and now bank of america is taking them to court to evict them. it is a $1 million home in an upscale neighborhood. the tenant say they have no idea why it was in foreclosure. a dozen people were renting rooms and even living in the laundry room >> people were coming out of cracks and crevices and a laundry room. >> this is where one of the tenants had lived for a while. with four dogs. >> tenants say that the former owner continued to collect rent after the bank posted foreclosure notices. another day of cleanup for crews in another east foothills home filled with trash. clutter had become so rampant that it could be seen from
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satellite images. since the property owners are both deceased, the county has taken ownership of the home and is overseeing the cleanup. two trucks capable of carrying more than 70,000 lbs. each are being used to clear the debris. >> the port of oakland is getting ready to welcome the larger ship ever to its waters. the ship arrives next tuesday and she will carry more than 12,000 containers. it is a major consideration following the 2007 incident. the ship will follow strict precautions including steering clear of the bay bridge with heavy fog conditions >> there are new regulations as far as pilot fitness, increased drug and alcohol testing >> the captain says he and his pilots and four tugboats will be ready to escort the ship when it arrives early tuesday morning. it is supposed to be an amazing
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sight to see. >> battling cervical cancer >> the feel overworked? listen up, the unhealthy impact on your waistline. >> great. a different type of march madness, the players who are taking the game to new heights. >> plenty of rain around the bay area, only getting wetter throughout the day. we will talk about that coming up.
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>> in a water slide in pleasanton is a step closer to surviving budget cuts. the east bay regional park
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district committee has agreed to seek private companies that might rebuild and take over the operation. the slide at shadow cliffs regional recreation area has been popular but the district cannot afford the necessary repairs. a new law that would affect all public pools is not starting as planned. the department of justice postpone the requirement of installing lifts. the law was supposed to start yesterday but the hotel industry experts say there was widespread confusion about what types of lives would be considered acceptable. justice department officials delayed the law for two months >> we have new federal guidelines giving women choices for cervical cancer testing and it is all based on their age. starting at age 30 women may need testing every five years. a lot of cancer groups say that testing was only needed every three years. the u.s. preventive services
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task force release the new guidelines wednesday and they say they agree with the groups. burnout in the workplace could actually lead to weight problems. a new study shows that those who experienced burnout are more likely to emotionally and uncontrollably eat and those without burnout. officers, authors of the study say >> the unseasonably warm weather is having an unusual affect causing sharks to procreate at an alarming rate. shark experts at the atlantis in dubai expect to see 10 baby sharks this year and even more next year. researchers in australia reported seeing 57 hybrid sharks. they suspect that the interbreeding as a result of them trying to survive the climate change. this is not exactly what you
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want to see sitting outside your home. >> a large black bear was spotted in southern california. residents say the animal has been rummaging through their parking garages and trash cans looking for food. some believe it is the same one that has been hanging around for the past three years. >> if you rent a cabin up at tahoe the bears come down and try to pillage the garbage cans from all the renters. >> if you are headed around the bay area today we have showers showing up and high-definition radar is picking up some moisture making its way into parts of the north bay. it looks like the rain will continue to pick up into the afternoon. some rain is continuing around the golden gate and it will be spreading south.
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it looks like the rain will be intensifying and the wind will be kicking up 20-30 mi. per hour gusts. it will be a brisk weekend around the bay area and even the possibility of some thunderstorms. a strong storm moving in by the afternoon and it looks like a cold weekend with showers on and off through the better part of the weekend. fifties for the most part right now. scattered showers and drizzle showing up all around the bay area. fairly warm in to fresno but some rain there. it looks like some more snow is coming their way as well. more rain in the bay area and behind that we have all of those cold clouds which means cold air will be dropping in for the weekend. the next few days we will see the rain picking up heavily at
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times and then turning to showers as we head through saturday and sunday. a break next tuesday. >> if you feel like heading out of town for the weekend make sure you pack some chains. there are snow chain requirements on interstate 80, none on highway 50. things can change any time so plan accordingly. let's go a little bit closer to home for a live look at the golden gate bridge. it does not seem like roads are as bad as yesterday, we have not seen as many accidents and there are no wind advisories in effect. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. out of hay were heading towards foster city, no brake lights so far across westmount. these are live traffic sensors
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picking up current speed conditions out there. we're seeing a lot of green and the sensors are picking up top speeds out of san jose. back outside, time saver traffic camera at the bay bridge toll plaza. overall, no big problems hitting into san francisco and no wind advisories. >> santa clara officials are taking care of more business leading up to construction of the new football stadium for the 49ers. they voted 6-1 to approve last- minute deals. the mercury news also reports that they have an agreement with the 49ers that says they have to play in santa clara for four years after the stadium opens. >> the sharks are a perennial playoff team but this season san
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jose is in the rare position of fighting for the postseason. they got a big boost last night. >> ryan close corbeil only goal in the shootout for a 2-1 victory over nashville last night. it puts the sharks one point behind colorado. it is time for the sharks to get it it going. onto the basketball tournament where st. mary's hopes to keep bay area fans hopes alive for a while. they will face perdue today at 427 this afternoon. the st. mary's game will be on troop tv cable network although cbs 5 will be showing many other games throughout the day. syracuse was the third team in
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tournament history to be down at halftime against the 16th seed. the bulldogs survived, make that the orange survives against ashville winning 72-65. a three-point game with 30 seconds left. the referees did not help their cause whatsoever. it was a tight game. you have seen plenty of amazing shots during our cover of march madness but never one like this >> usually they have regular shots but these are different. three guys work together to hit the shot from 190 ft. in the air but it was not their first try. they had to make dozens of flights before making the money shot. >> it must have spent a couple
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of thousands of dollars in gasoline to do that. >> coming up, back to step one >> north korea's threat about a rocket launch >> flames and in north bay home. >> wet weather was not stopping dozens of people from standing outside of this apple store for the launch of the new ipad.
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